Goals and Zoning Matters


Our primary goal is to preserve and improve the quality of life in Fox Chase.  To accomplish this we have to:

• prevent the spread of commercial uses into residential areas

• be watchful of zoning and code enforcement 

• oppose further multifamily or rental housing

• obtain our share of civic improvement from both the City and State

• insure the safety of our neighborhood

One of the most important things we can do as a Civic Association is to make sure that zoning laws and regulations are being followed. We have earned respect with the zoning board, elected officials and developers through our thoughtful consideration of zoning issues over the years.

Community notification is part of the zoning process. The bright orange notices you see posted outside a home or business are there to warn neighbors of a proposed project that current zoning does not allow and requires a variance. They are not building permits. Some variances may be for the legalization of an old improvement or for a minor change. Others can have a serious effect on your quality of life. Variances in commercial areas or changes to multi-family housing can have a big impact. A zoning variance can change the character of our neighborhood through the inappropriate use of a property.

Please don’t feel shy about approaching, reading, and understanding the request. They are made to be conspicuous just for this purpose. Notification signs shall be posted and remain continuously in place for 21 or more days immediately preceding the date of the public hearing, including the day of the hearing. The applicant shall have the responsibility to see that each required sign remains posted during the entire period.


Most important is the sense that Fox Chase is not always perceived as a neighborhood deserving of any assistance.  That in comparison to other parts of the Philadelphia, things are “pretty good” here, and we should be happy that our situation isn’t worse.  Left unchecked, this type of thinking will lead to a lower quality of life not only in Fox Chase but also in surrounding neighborhoods.  We need to keep pressure on our political, police, and civic officials not to overlook Fox Chase. 

If you have any questions or thoughts about a notice, please email the FCCA at: